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How would it be if you were on a first name basis with your “web guy”? To always know who to go to when you need help with your website?

As you no doubt know, having a website means there’s some ongoing work to do. Things to figure out. Issues to deal with. It is just part of the gig, really. You’ve got backups, plugin updates, performance tweaks, dealing with security issues… and even just the random little updates you need to do.

You could do it yourself, for sure. Most people do. But, all too often, what ends up happening is that… it just doesn’t get done. Plugins don’t get updated. Performance tweaks don’t get done because the site’s owner doesn’t even know what to do. Or, the site could get hacked due to crappy hosting, out-of-date software, etc. And, the moment anything goes wrong, it becomes a huge “time suck” because the site’s owner doesn’t know what is going on.

Plus, there’s the risks of building a concoction of plugins that don’t even work very well together. Where you’ve built a real frankenstein site where you feel like pieces of it are held together with duct tape.

There’s WordPress support services out there. Most of them are kinda corporate looking. You don’t really know who is doing anything. There’s no real point of contact. Most of it is probably totally hands-off and automated and just very impersonal.

I wanted to try something different.

As a Concierge client, I will be personally maintaining your website. I’ll be your webmaster. When you need something done, you’ll know exactly who to ask. Plus, even when you’re not asking, I’ll be behind the scenes keeping things updated, tweaked, backed up and generally just running smoothly.

But, there’s more…

Everything You Need.

As a Concierge client, my job is to enable you to avoid the hassle and frustration of having to research, purchase and install all kinds of different plugins and wondering if they will work together.

Membership Site

You can have a membership site that fits your specific needs, including videos, a document library, custom post types and more. This flexible system will enable you to protect anything down to the individual paragraph on. your site.

Online Courses

Need to create and sell your own online courses? No problem. Whether free, one-time payment or a recurring fee, you’ll have the ability to have full-featured online courses to suit your needs.

Sales Funnels & Subscriptions

Having a site that can accept payments is just a requirement these days. You’ll be able to create optimized sales pages, sales funnels wiht order bumps, upsells and downsells. You can use any pricing strategy that suits your plans.

List Building

You’ll be able to have highly targeted lead magnets, placed via opt-ins and landing pages in just the right locations across your blog. Build your most important asset – your email list. And put the whole thing on automatic.

Marketing Automation

You will have the tools to build your full, automated email marketing engine. Send the right emails, to the right people… at the right time. All working for you 24/7 so you don’t have to think about it.

Managed Platform You Truly Own

You won’t be reliant on rented, third-party services that trap you in and keep your business splintered all over the web. You’ll have a powerful, integrated platform. Fully backed up and fully in your control. No lock-in.

This Is What You Will Get…

Total Site Maintenance

I’ll take care of all the updates for you on a weekly basis. That includes all themes, plugins and WordPress core. I’ll also personally visit your site after updates to make sure nothing broke (and I’ll fix it if it happens.)

“First Name Basis” Support

Got questions? Hit a snag? Got a site problem and can’t figure out what’s happening? Just ask me. I’ll help you personally. This isn’t outsourced. It is me. David. Just shoot me an email. I’ll answer you there, or even record a quickie video if needed.

Performance Help

Getting mired down in caching, performance tweaks, optimization and page speed scores? No worries. I’ll do it. Come to me with reasonable expectations given the nature of your site, and I’ll deal with the geeky stuff.

Full Site Backups

Yes, your web host keeps backups. But, you don’t want to blindly trust them. I’ll ensure your site is backed up and we can store those backups securely in the cloud. No need to buy a backup plugin. I’ll take care of it.

Access To Agency Plugins

Save money on subscription and support fees and get access to a bundle of thoroughly tested tools for building and managing your site. Your site will be built using the highest quality software – without having the hassle of multiple subscription fees.

Hands-On Help

Need me to get in there and debug something? Make a quick theme or content change? Or take care of a setup issue? No problem. Your plan includes up to an hour each month of of hands-on help on your site. But also…

Hosting Support

You keep hosting your site anywhere you please. But, I’ll be there to help you deal with it. Let me handle whatever comes up, so you’re not left alone figuring out some stupid cPanel, DNS settings, or stuck in a live chat from hell.

30% Discount on Service Credits

As a Concierge client, you will receive an automatic 30% discount on service credit packages. Service credits are used for custom development, strategy session calls or just over-the-shoulder walk-throughs over Zoom.

Simple Analytics Dashboard

Google Analytics isn’t really free. They “spy” on your site’s data and all of your users for their own purposes. As a client, we’ll set up a privacy-focused, simple stat dashboard to track all your traffic easily, with weekly reports by email. Plus uptime monitoring.

Here’s Why…

If you become my client, then your site becomes my business. No, I won’t run it for you. That’s your job. But, I will alleviate the headache of dealing with WordPress. The headache of dealing with web hosting support people. The headache of updates, backups, performance, and all the rest. And I’ll be there for the little things that come up during the month where you could use some insight or a helping hand.

Save Money

Avoid piecemeal software subscriptions and purchases. Get guidance on what to use so there’s no wasted funds.

Less Hassle

You will no longer be alone to figure out how to do things. Got a question or needs some hands-on help? Just ask.

Stay Focused

You’ll have more time to focus on your business since you’ll no longer have to waste hours figuring out the software.



  • Total Site Maintenance
  • Independent Backups
  • 30 Days Email Support
  • Access to Agency Software Bundle
  • Simplified Analytics Dashboard
  • Discounted Service Credits
No contract | Cancel anytime.


  • Total Site Maintenance
  • Independent Backups
  • 30 Days Email Support
  • Access to Agency Software Bundle
  • Simplified Analytics Dashboard
  • Discounted Service Credits
  • 1hr personal, hands-on work or Zoom Consult
No contract | Cancel anytime.


  • Total Site Maintenance
  • Independent Backups
  • 30 Days Email Support
  • Access to Agency Software Bundle
  • Simplified Analytics Dashboard
  • Discounted Service Credits
  • 2hr personal, hands-on work or Zoom Consult
  • Managed, dedicated hosting for ready-to-use application
No contract | Cancel anytime.

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Common Questions

There is an enhanced level of the Concierge service which includes hosting. You can look at the enrollment options for pricing information on that. If you elect to host through me, I will be hosting your site on Cloudways on a dedicated virtual private server. You will have full access to it, however I will be there to handle all hosting-related issues for you. And if you ever want to migrate to your own hosting, that’s no problem. You’re never locked in.

If you would like to use your own hosting – or just have your own Cloudways account – that’s totally cool. That’s what most of my clients do anyway.

Nope. I’d rather continue to earn your business and have a relationship based on mutual benefit. The last thing I’d want is for either you or I to be locked into something that isn’t working. So, there is no long-term contract with this service. You continue your Concierge service if you feel I am delivering the value you want. If not, you can cancel anytime.

In the event you decide to cancel, it’s pretty easy. If I am hosting your site, I will help migrate it to another host of your choice. If you are using any of our agency licensed plugins, I will deactivate the licenses so you will be responsible for support and updates moving forward. I will not break your site by removing anything. And lastly, I will stop maintaining your site for you.

I will gladly support more that one site for you at the same time. There is an additional charge per site. And the hour of personal development time will be shared for all sites. If you need additional time, you can use service credits

Depending on your level of Concierge support, you will have a certain amount of “hands on” time on your site each month. This means I will get in there and take care of little issues for you that come up. The last thing I want to do is “nickel and dime” you for the little things, so I don’t have any intention of doing that.

This time does not stack up or accumulate. It is simply there to deal with things as they come up.

If we are going to be working on a project together or doing more extensive work, this is where service credits come in. As a Concierge client, you have an automatic 30% discount on service credits. And any credits you purchase do not expire.

I maintain a bundle of agency licenses to themes and plugins that I use and recommend to clients. Many of them I use myself in my own business. As a Concierge client, these plugins are available to you. They will not be automatically installed. We will review your site and your plan and work out what tools are the right fit.

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